Sunrise/Sunset Paintings

Forty Past Five (#21-01)

As a year, 2020 wasn’t all bad, to be sure. But there was plenty of stress and misery to go around. Before we turned the calendar to 2021, and with it the hope for better days to come, we had one final sunset on December 31, 2020. It occurred at 5:40. This painting is a nod to the various emotions I felt as the sun set on 2020, and looked forward to the sun rising on a new day, a new year, and what lies ahead. “Forty Past Five.” 36×36 oil on canvas.

Something More (#20-16)

Inspired by a picture taken by my son during a recent visit to Brazil to visit his fiancee, I tried to capture the relatively small place we occupy in a larger, more vast eternity. When we pause to look up, down, and around, it’s easy to realize there is most definitely something more — particularly in these very uncertain times. Oil on canvas, 36×48. SOLD (Thank You!)