People Paintings

Baby Story: “Kristen”

One by one, I am creating 20×20 “celebration oils” featuring the birth story of each of my four children.  This one is about Kristen, my oldest daughter, who recently announced she will soon be a mother herself.  Each of these paintings includes the type-written birth story — a re-telling of the circumstances and happenings surrounding the birth event.  If you look closely, you’ll see bits and pieces of the story in the background of the painting.

Baby Story: “Jason”

One of the types of oil painting I enjoy creating falls under the broad category I call “Celebration Oils.”  These feature mixed media such as photo images, newspaper articles, etc, which are blended together with the oil painting subject.  You can see several of these here.  The most recent of these was created to celebrate a newborn and featured the birthing experience stories written by the subject’s parents.  If you look closely, you’ll see parts of their stories subtly placed in the background.

“Soccer Memories” Chosen for Juried Exhibit

Thrilled to learn that my mixed media painting, “Soccer Memories,” was selected to be included in a juried exhibit opening Monday, September 9 at the Atlanta Artists Center in Buckhead (Atlanta).  This painting is one of several I’ve created in the “Celebration Oils” series, where newspaper clippings, photos, and other memorabilia coalesce with oil paint.