Like many, my husband and I have found comfort, peace, and connection by simply taking long walks during our Corona quarantine. The other day we were exploring a new trail — at least new to us — when we happened on an old abandoned shed which once housed a tourist gold mining business. This 24×24 oil on canvas painting was inspired by that discovery.

Something More

Inspired by a picture taken by my son during a recent visit to Brazil to visit his fiancee, I tried to capture the relatively small place we occupy in a larger, more vast eternity. When we pause to look up, down, and around, it’s easy to realize there is most definitely something more — particularly in these very uncertain times. Oil on canvas, 36×48.

Sounds of Silence

The snow fell, to a surprising depth. I peered down to the end of the driveway, the stone wall pointing the way. The world was muffled into near silence, save for a few Jays crying out here and there in search of a morning meal. Another of my paintings created during my Corona shelter-in-place. Oil on canvas, 18×24